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Rubber Band Jumping

Number of Players: 3 or more

Supplies: some rubber bands


Loop the rubber bands together tightly until you have a larger one. Two persons stand opposite each other and extend the rubber band.
One player jumps and stands on one side of the rubber band, carrying the two sides together. Then the player jumps again and makes the two sides separate. Then the player jumps again into the middle of the rubber-band and after that jumps outside it.
If the player jumping finishs these steps without any mistakes, go on to the next level.
As the game continues, the level of jumping gets higher and higher. There are four jumping levels: ankle high, knee high, waist high, and under the shoulder.


Number of Players: 5 or more

Supplies: 39 playing pieces. These can be stones, pasta shells, beans, etc.


Lay out the pieces as described. On the first row put down 2 pieces. Second row has 3 pieces. Third row has 4 pieces. This makes a triangle.
On the fourth row there is 1 piece. Fifth row has 2 pieces. Sixth row has 3 pieces. Seventh row has 4 pieces. Eight row has 5 pieces. This makes a second triangle under the first.
Ninth row has 3 pieces. Tenth row has 5 pieces. Eleventh row has 7 pieces. Now you should have them all laid out.
To play this game the first player removes one, two, or three pieces from any single row. The second player does the same. Alternate turns and play never removing more than 3 pieces and always removing from the same row. The object of this game is to force your opponent to pick up the last piece.