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Hana, Hana, Hana, Kuchi


The players sit in a circle and follow the leader, who taps his or her nose and says, "hana, hana, hana, kuchi", meaning, "nose, nose, nose, mouth." The leader continues to repeat the words but taps another part of his or her body, such as an eye. The players must do what the leader says and not what he or she does. If a player fails to do this, she must be the leader or allow her cheek to be daubed with flour and water. The names of the features are: me–eye; mimi-ear; hana-nose; kuchi-mouth.
The games may also be played in teams, with each side trying to make the opposite team follow their captain’s
words and not his or her actions.

Japanese Tag

Number of Players: 5 or more
Place: gymnasium or out of doors


The one who is chosen to be "Oni", or"It", tries to tag a player. However, the tagged player must put one hand on the spot where "It" touched him or her, whether the back, the shoulder, the elbow, the knee, or other part of the body. With his or her hand on this spot, he or she must chase the other players. He or she is relieved of his position only when another player is tagged.
When there are a large number of children, you may use more than one tagger.