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Number of Players: 11 or more
Formation: Players line up by couples. An extra player, who is "It", stands from six to ten feet in front of the head couple, facing forward.
Place: gymnasium or outdoors

When "It" shouts, "Last couple out!" the couple at the end of the line must move forward, trying to pass by "It" and taking hold of hands in front of him. They must come up on either side of the line of players, but each must be on a different side. They may come quickly or slowly. "It" may not turn his head to see them coming. He must look straight ahead. Only when the couple is even with him can he leave his place. Once the couple is even with him, he dashes after one of them, trying to tag him before the couple can join hands in front of him. If he succeeds, the player tagged takes his place as "It" and he and the other member of the couple become the head couple. If the couple succeeds in getting together, they become the head couple and "It" tries again.
The leader may also recite the following rhyme, rather than saying "Last couple out!":
Burn bright, burn bright,
Fire must not die tonight,
Look above the sea,
Birds are singing,
Bells are ringing,
One, two three.