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Players: 5 or more
Place: Gymnasium or outdoors

The leader must name a color for the other players to touch by calling "Color, color…BLUE!" or any color. All of the players run to find objects with that color. The leader runs after the players to catch them before they can touch an object. When they touch the color, they are "safe." If the leader catches a player before he/she touches an object, or the object is the wrong color, he/she will be the next leader and the game starts again.

Puno Punito (Fisty Fist)

Number of Players: 10 or more

Players must sit at a table. They place one of their fists on the table, one on top of another, making a tower of fists. Then, they each place their second fist, in the same order, to make the tower grow. When every player has both fists in the tower, the player at the bottom must take his/her fist out and place it on top. The next player at the bottom will also move to the top…and they continue increasing the rhythm, faster and faster until the tower falls down or somebody takes out a fist before his/her turn arrives. During the game, they sing "Fisty Fist, little bell, who will not take it away, will have a crown."