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Number of Players: Two
Supplies: flat surface and three coins, stones, or other markers for each player

Seega is an ancient game that has been player for thousands of years. Originally called, Senet, boards for playing this game were found in the tombs of King Tut.
To play the game, you must first draw the game board. For beginners, the board should consist of a rectangle divided into nine squares. More advanced players may use 25, 49, or 81 squares and the appropriate number of markers to fill a complete row. Each child places his or her markers in one of the rows on the end of the board, leaving the middle row empty. Each player takes a turn moving his or her markers one or two squares in any direction, but may not cross over another marker. The winner is the first player to get his or her markers in a straight line on the game board–straight down, across, or diagonally, but not in the original line.