ipl Learning HTML

Additional HTML Resources

Think your ready for some more advanced HTML stuff? If so, check out some other tutorials and reference materials that are available on the web…

The Bare Bones Guide to HTML
"The Bare Bones Guide to HTML lists every official HTML tag in common usage, plus Netscape and Microsoft extensions."

HTML Goodies: Getting Started
Learn how to wrap text around images, get rid of the underline for links, make links inside the same page, use lists, put sounds on your page, and so much more.

Page Tutor
"Here you’ll find all sorts of HTML, Javascript and web authoring tutorials, from absolute beginner stuff to more advanced material."

W3Schools Online Web Tutorials
If you want to start learning how to program, this is one of the best places to start. Might be a little advanced for young kids.

This resource originally created by Deborah Dunk.
Revised and edited by Michael Galloway in 2005 & in 2006.