ipl Learning HTML


You will probably have more than one page to your website. And, most likely you will want to make a homepage and then create links to all the other pages of your website. To do this, you use the same pair of anchor tags, <a></a>, and the href attribute, as we did in the previous example where we made a link to the Internet Public Library:

<a href="/" >Internet Public Library </a>

What’s different this time is that you do not need to use the URL for the value. Instead, you will use the filename for the page that you want to link to. Remember that the filename is simply what you named your HTML document when you saved it to your computer’s harddrive. For example, Fred.html.

Now, say for instance, that you want to make a link to Fred.html from your homepage. All you would have to do is type the following HTML into your homepage document:

<a href="Fred.html">Go to Fred.html</a>

Just keep experimenting with the tags and you will get the hang of it. right arrow

This resource originally created by Deborah Dunk.
Revised and edited by Michael Galloway in 2005 & in 2006.