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Sixteenth Lighthouse Expedition

August 26, 1993 (Happy Twenty-sixth Anniversary)
Charity Island

August 26, 1993, Thursday

8:10 am
Left home.
10:50 am
Arrived in Caseville on Michigan’s Thumb. We had hot dogs and ice cream for lunch at the Dairy Queen.
11:30 am
We took the ferry boat, The North Star, from the Saginaw Bay Marina to Big Charity Island. It was about a one hour trip to the Island. We were surprised the island was being developed! We walked to the Charity Island Light in a light sprinkle. This light is in bad shape and it was sad to see. It did stop raining and we enjoyed a walk along the beach and on the paths through the island.
5:00 pm
The North Star picked us up and returned to Caseville.
6:00 pm
We went to the beach for a quick dip and then back to the DQ for a cone. We headed south and hit an electrical storm on I-75 ( and lots of rain). A lightening bolt hit a power line and it split right in front of us on the highway. Our hearts were pounding but we eventually calmed down.
7:30 pm
We had our anniversary dinner at the Olive Garden in Flint.
9:50 pm
Arrived home.

Trip Total: 1 Lighthouse, 1 day

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Lighthouses: A Photographic Journey
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