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Ovid (43 B.C.E. – 17 C.E.)

Nationality: Roman
Born: Italian
Periods: Latin

Poet of such works as Metamorphoses and Ars Amatoria.

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Criticism about Ovid

Recent Ovidian Bibliography
“Recent Ovidian Bibliography is a fully searchable and frequently updated database of publications relating to Ovid from 1990-present.” The database can be searched or browsed flexibly, and the site also includes a discussion list, an Ovid FAQ, and links to related resources.
Contains: Webliography, Bibliography, Commentary, Criticism
Author: Sean Redmond
Tenerorum Lusor Amorum
Although the majority of this site is in German, it is the most comprehensive list of Ovid links on the web, and has a number of links to English resources. Well worth a look.
Contains: Webliography
Author: Ulrich Schmitzer?

Biographical sites about Ovid

A biographical essay on the author, with reference to his works.
Contains: Full Bio, Webliography, Works List, Bibliography
Author: Robert Sarkissian
From: Safe Haven http://www.ultranet.com/~rsarkiss/home.htm
Provides a brief biographical sketch of the poet, and the full text of several poems.
Contains: Sketch, Bibliography, Webliography
Author: Academy of American Poets
Ovid FAQ
A list of frequently asked questions (and their answers) about the Roman poet. Very helpful.
Contains: Extensive Bio, Webliography, Commentary, Works List, Works Available
Author: Sean Redmond
Timeline of Ovid’s Life
A timeline of Ovid’s life, including other major events of the period.
Contains: Timeline
Author: Sean Redmond

Other sites about Ovid

The Classic Text: Traditions and Interpretations: Ovid
Part of “The Classic Text: Traditions and Interpretations”, an online exhibit which “examines some of the high spots of the western literary canon. It explores the foundations of their iconographic standing, demonstrating how they arrive at this status through a variety of means, and not always on the basis of their literary worth. The exhibition gives special focus to how printers, publishers, editors, illustrators, and translators have used the icon of the classic text as a venue for their own agendas.”
Author: Christopher Barth, Virginia Haas, Sarah McDanie
From: University of Wisconsin Milwaukee – Special Collections Library
The Ovid Project
Engravings and plates from editions of the Metamorphoses produced in 1640 and 1703.
Contains: Pictures
Author: Hope Greenberg

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