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Martin Amis (1949 – )

Nationality: British Periods: British: 20th Century

novelist, essayist, son of poet Kingsley Amis

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Criticism about Martin Amis

The Martin Amis Web
This definitive site on Martin Amis includes interviews, online texts, reviews, critical material, bibliographies of works by and about the author, biographical sources, and more. A must-see for anyone researching or studying Amis. Maintained by Gavin Keulks, a professor at Western Oregon University.
Contains: Extensive Bio, Pictures, Interview, Commentary, Criticism, Bibliography, Webliography, Works Available, Works List
Author: Gavin Keulks
Martin Amis: Between the Influences of Bellow and Nabokov
This essay explores Amis’ “stance toward narrative and examines the influence of Saul Bellow and Vladimir Nabokov on Britain’s preeminent young novelist. The novelist’s ‘role’ as articulated by Amis is to ‘give’ meaning rather than to ‘discovering’ it. Questions about voice, narrative, structure, and epistemology crop up here as well as other issues posed by post modernists.”
Contains: Criticism, Commentary, Interview
Author: Victoria N. Alexander
From: The Antioch Review Fall 1994
Keywords: literary supersitition

Biographical sites about Martin Amis

Martin Amis: Down London’s Mean Streets
“There is more to Martin Amis, Mira Stout finds in this profile, than the bad-boy reputation he has developed in the London press. She also interviews Amis’s father, Kingsley. One of England’s original ”angry young men,” and now a Thatcherite, Kingsley thinks that in many ways Martin is a similar kind of writer.”
Contains: Extensive Bio
Author: Mira Stout
From: The New York Times February 4, 1990

Other sites about Martin Amis

Featured Author: Martin Amis
“News and Reviews From the Archives of The New York Times.”
Contains: Commentary, Pictures, Interview
From: The New York Times on the Web

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