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Miguel de Cervantes (1547 – 1616)

Nationality: Spanish
Born: Spanish
Periods: Spanish: 1516-1700

Author of El ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote de la Mancha, or Don Quixote.

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Don Quixote

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Criticism about Miguel de Cervantes

Cervantes: Bulletin of the Cervantes Society of America
“The WWW version of Cervantes is being offered for the purpose of making some of the current cervantine scholarship easily available in electronic form around the world.” Images and tables of contents from the full run of the Bulletin (since 1981) are available, as are some articles and other writings from its pages, as they are transcribed into digital form. Most of these full-text resources are not yet available, but it is a good starting point for any critical research. There is a very helpful comprehensive table of contents which links to all available articles, as well as an author index for all issues.
Contains: Criticism, Commentary, Pictures
Author: Fred Jehle
From: Cervantes

Biographical sites about Miguel de Cervantes

Cervantes in CyberSpain
Designed to mark the celebration of the 450th anniversary of Cervantes’ birth, this site offers a biography of Cervantes in English with a discussion of his works, and an edition of the Quijote in semi-modernized Spanish. Currently 35 chapters are available (in Spanish).
Contains: Extensive Bio, Criticism
Author: CyberSpain
Cervantes Project
This beautiful site provides a lengthy biography of the author, online texts of his work, a bibliography (in Spanish, mostly) of material about him and his writings, images, news snippets, and links. The site is available in English or Spanish, and the biography can also be read in French. This is an excellent site if you are looking for links about the author or his work which are in Spanish.
Contains: Full Bio, Bibliography, Pictures
Author: Dr. Eduardo Urbina
Don Miguel de Cervantes y Saavedra
A biography of the author with some lovely images.
Contains: Extensive Bio, Pictures, Works List
Author: Cyberspain

Other sites about Miguel de Cervantes

“H-Cervantes is a network for scholars and professionals active in studies related to Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. It encourages scholarly exchanges on all aspects of the author, his works, his circle, his times, and scholarship on the era, and welcomes participation by scholars/specialists from all disciplines. … Discussion threads and message logs of H-Cervantes may also be accessed from this site, as well as: links to other Cervantes-related sites; hundreds of images, primarily engravings; a profusely illustrated version in Italian of Don Chisciotte della Mancia; and publications of the Cervantes Society of America.”
Contains: Webliography, Commentary, Criticism
Author: Fred F. Jehle
Welcome to the Website of the Cervantes Society of America
“The Society’s purpose is to advance the study of the life and works of Miguel de Cervantes through the promotion of communication and cooperation among its members, through the publication of reviews of books and articles and reports on pedagogical approaches to Cervantes’s work, through descriptions of research currently in progress by members, through discussion at annual meetings, and through such other means as may tend to deepen and broaden understanding of Cervantes and his works. The official languages of the Society are English and Spanish.”
Author: William H. Clamurro
Works of Miguel de Cervantes
Provides a seemingly comprehensive list of availabe Cervantes works online, a list of links to other sights about the author, and an incredible number of images from various editions of his works. This site is also a good place to look for links to pages in Spanish about the author and his works.
Contains: Pictures, Webliography, Works List, Works Available
Author: Fred Jehle

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