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Jean Genet (1910 – 1986)

Nationality: French Periods: French: 20th Century

French criminal and social outcast turned writer

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Criticism about Jean Genet

Objects of abjection: the animation of difference in Jean Genet’s novels
“French author Jean Genet’s utilization of animation in his novels is to address topics which are prohibited in strict philosophical writing.”
Contains: Criticism
Author: John Plotz
From: Twentieth Century Literature Spring 1998
Once a sodomite, twice a philosopher
“JEAN GENET’s attitude towards homosexuality underwent many modifications during the course of his eventful life – but also as his ideas were influenced by the societal changes occurring around him. In his novels he presents the role-playing, sado-maso-chistic form of homosexuality that he learned in reform school and prison. Whereas other ex-cons deplored the violence of prison, made pleas for reform, and bitterly denounced the forced homosexuality of an all-male penal society, Genet was virtually the only one to defend the system.”
Contains: Criticism
Author: Edmund White
From: The Harvard Gay & Lesbian Review Volume III, No. 1, Winter, 1996

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