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Ernest Miller Hemingway (1899 – 1961)

Nationality: American Periods: American: 20th Century

Author, Journalist, Sportsman, Hunter, Soldier, Nobel Prize for Literature

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Criticism about Ernest Miller Hemingway

Hemingway and Brecht
A comparative essay discussing similarities and differences in the style and literary background of the two writers.
Contains: Criticism
Author: Jens Bj�rneboe, translated by Esther Greenleaf Mürer
From: Jens Bj�rneboe, “Hemingway og Brecht” (undated). “Ernest Hemingway and Bertolt Brecht” (Arbeiderbladet, 28 July 1964). Om Brecht (Oslo: Pax, 1977), 125-131. Samlede Essays: Teater (Oslo: Pax, 1996), 327-332. �1977, 1996 by Pax Forlag A/S. Used by permission. English translation �1999 by Esther Greenleaf Mürer.
Hemingway and the Beasts
A critical essay discussing several of Hemingway’s works.
Contains: Criticism
Author: Jens Bj�rneboe, translated by Esther Greenleaf Mürer
From: Jens Bj�rneboe, “Hemingway og dyrene.” (1955) Politi og anarki (Oslo: Pax, 1972). Samlede Essays: Kultur II (Oslo: Pax, 1996), 5-14. �1972, 1996 by Pax Forlag.
James Phelan/Phillip Sipiora on Hemingway, Questions 11.29.95
In this transcript of an interview with a Hemingway scholar, the speakers “call attention to the importance of technique and style in shaping responses to literary texts.” In particular, the scholars address the issues of: Hemingway’s representations of women, his use of “instablilities” to serve both functional and thematic purposes, and the technique of “reading for progression.”
Contains: Commentary, Criticism
Author: James Phelan and Phillip Sipiora
Keywords: literary techniques, literary devices
MUD Log with James Phelan / Phillip Sipiora
In this transcript of an online “chat” between Hemingway scholars, the participants discuss the narrative techniques used in For Whom the Bell Tolls, The Sun Also Rises, A Farewell to Arms “Hills like White Elephants”, and other stories. Among other techniques, they discuss the use of humor and subplots/story-within-a-story. They also discuss Hemingway’s characterization of women.
Author: James Phelan, Phillip Sipiora et al.
Papa Lives
“The reissue of four Hemingway novels prompts an assessment of the author’s reputation.”
Contains: Criticism, Commentary
Author: James Atlas
From: Atlantic Monthly October 1983
Scholes on Hemingway, Conversation 11.27.95
In this transcript of an online “chat” between Hemingway scholars, the participants cover many topics including literary devices and the semi-biographical nature of Hemingway’s works.
Contains: Commentary, Criticism
Author: Robert Scholes, Ph.D. et al.
From: Robert Scholes, Ph.D. et al.
Keywords: character analysis, narrative techniques

Biographical sites about Ernest Miller Hemingway

The Hemingway Resource Center Library
This site contains a list a Hemingway biographical books and critical works, as well as a list of books by Hemingway.
Contains: Bibliography, Works List,
Hemmingway in Cuba
“Shortly after Ernest Hemingway won the Nobel Prize in 1954, Mr. Manning, now executive editor of the ATLANTIC, visited the Hemingways in Cuba to collect first-person material for a magazine profile. From extensive notes taken during that visit and in subsequent talks with Hemingway in Cuba and New York, he has written one man’s remembrance of Hemingway in his late years.”
Contains: Extensive Bio
Author: Robert Manning
From: Atlantic Monthly August 1965

Other sites about Ernest Miller Hemingway

Featured Author: Ernest Hemingway
This site features photographs, the full text of many articles and essays on Hemingway and his work, reviews of the author’s writings and of biographies written about his life, dispatches written by Hemingway during the Spanish Civil War, interviews with the author, and other material. Well worth a look. The New York Times Book Review site requires a free registration for acess to its reviews.
Contains: Pictures, Commentary, Criticism,
Author: New York Times authors (various)
From: New York Times on the Web Books section 1999
Hemingway Archives at the John F Kennedy Presidential Museum
Contains a list of Ernest Hemingway papers and materials at the JFK Presidential Library, with some online content as well.
Contains: Extensive Bio, Timeline, Pictures, Works List, Works Available,
Access Restrictions:
Hemingway in Our Times
An essay on Hemingway which introduces a New York Times retrospective on the writer. Refers to many works, and discusses Hemingway’s appearances in the press. Links to portions of the retrospective, which include New York Times articles, reviews, and even Hemingway’s obituary. The New York Times Book Review site requires a free registration for acess to its reviews.
Contains: Extensive Bio, Webliography,
Author: Michael Reynolds
Timeless Hemingway
An impressive Hemingway site. Has a photo gallery, an “A Room” with an extensive FAQ that includes many answers to literary questions about his writings, a “Q Room” with discussion questions, a Help Center that answers e-mail questions, a QuoteFinder service, a family tree, and a links section.
Contains: Pictures, Bibliography, Commentary, Sketch

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