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Herodotus (ca 484 BCE – ca 425 BCE)

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Criticism about Herodotus

East Is East And West Is West – Or Are They? National Stereotypes In Herodotus
“Herodotus’ framework is that of Greek conceptualisation, and provides a series of assumptions of Greek practice which can be contrasted with the barbarian modes of behaviour he describes, a series of Greek-based questions to put to the material.”
Contains: Criticism
Author: Christopher Pelling
From: HISTOS Vol. 1 1997
Herodotus and the North Carolina Oral Narrative Tradition
“Recent work on early Greek oral tradition has been especially influenced by the work of Vansina and Finnegan on African oral traditions.”
Contains: Criticism
Author: Philip Stadter
From: HISTOS Vol. 1 1997
Herodotus’ Conception of Foreign Languages
“Language is – with religious customs, dress, hairstyles, sexual habits – one of the key items on Herodotus’ checklist of similarities and differences with foreign peoples.”
Contains: Criticism
Author: Thomas Harrison
From: HISTOS Vol. 2 1998
Reading the Rise of Pisistratus: Herodotus 1.56-68
“This paper analyzes Herodotus’ story of Pisistratus’ rise to tyranny over the Athenians in these terms: The story is mythic history in the sense that it is largely made up of conventional narrative episodes, sometimes with supernatural elements. Yet the contexts of power in which Herodotus sets it determine its shape, and the contextual reading of the story reveals allusions to contemporary debates and realities. This contextual analysis seems more productive than attempts to explain the story in isolation as the product of Athenian propaganda in a narrow sense.”
Contains: Criticism
Author: Vivienne Gray
From: HISTOS Vol. 1 1997

Biographical sites about Herodotus

Perseus Encyclopedia: Herodotus
Biorgaphical information on Herodotus.
Contains: Bibliography, Extensive Bio
Author: The Perseus Project
From: Perseus Encyclopedia

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