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Archibald Lampman (1861 – 1899)

Nationality: Canadian Periods: Canadian: Pre-1900


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Criticism about Archibald Lampman

Archibald Lampman and Hamlin Garland
“Garland had known Lampman for ten years, having corresponded with him since 1889, and having met him once in 1897, during a visit to Ottawa. This friendship between the Canadian author of romantic nature lyrics and the American exponent of regional realist fiction seems to be a rather unlikely conjunction of two very different personalities and literary imaginations. Yet their cordial exchange of letters suggests that they were not unduly inhibited by any differences of artistic alma and methods.”
Contains: Criticism
Author: James Doyle
From: Canadian Poetry vol. 16
“The Clearer Self”: Lampman’s Transcendental-Visionary Development
“Recent criticism of Lampman, while successful in finally getting away from reading him merely as a descriptive nature poet, has neither closely examined his ambivilent relationship with Emersonian Transcendentalism, nor indeed looked at his poetical career as a whole. A number of critics still portray Lampman as a ‘dreamer of dreams’, an escapist, and those critics who have noticed transcendental tendencies in his poetry conclude that his poetical career was, like that of Emerson or Thoreau, a sustained retreat into nature. After glancing briefly at recent trends in Lampman criticism and looking at Lampman’s views of Emerson’s work, this study examines chronologically Lampman’s three volumes of verse in order to show that there is a development, a maturing, of his poetic vision.”
Contains: Criticism
Author: Richard Arnold
From: Canadian Poetry vol. 8
The Poet-Impressionist: Some Landscapes by Archibald Lampman
“Just as A.J.M. Smith has been dubbed a metaphysical poet, so Lampman has been described as an impressionist but without much investigation of the term and without showing what exactly makes his work impressionist.”
Contains: Criticism
Author: Anne Compton
From: Canadian Poetry vol. 34
“This first edition of ‘Style,’ a critical essay by Archibald Lampman, is an attempt to produce a reliable text which the author would approve. Its primary aims have been accuracy of transcription and a faithful adherence to Lampman’s own prose style.”
Contains: Criticism
Author: Archibald Lampman
From: Canadian Poetry vol. 7

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Other sites about Archibald Lampman

An Annotated Bibliography of Work on and by Archibald Lampman Published Between 1979 and 1990
“In the period which this bibliography covers—1979-1990—questions of influence have remained important to critics. While some recent critics have dismissed Lampman’s poetry as derivative of the English Romantics and/or Victorians, most of the current writing has explored the extent to which Lampman appropriated certain aspects of Romanticism and Victorianism and utilized them in the composition of poetry which is distinctively Canadian.”
Contains: Bibliography, Works List
Author: Justin W. Fox
From: Canadian Poetry vol. 34
A Chronology of Lampman’s Poems
“I have tried to ascertain dates of composition for all of Lampman’s poems which, to my knowledge, have appeared in print. Drafts of most of these exist in manuscript, where they are interspersed with unpublished work in various stages of abandonment or completion… I have listed the poems chronologically, rather than alphabetically by title, because this method allows me to show where poems for which dates are approximate or conjectural probably fit into the sequence.”
Contains: Works List
Author: L. R. Early
From: Canadian Poetry vol. 14
Lampman Among the Timothy
“The strong sense and spirit of place evoked by Lampman’s poetry continues to arouse responsive chords in the contemporary reader. However, this locality or ground,1 so characteristic of his verse, was not easily attained; both the revisions of individual poems and the evolution of his oeuvre reveal Lampman’s struggle to capture the essence of this new country.”
Contains: Criticism
Author: Kathy Mezei
From: Canadian Poetry vol. 5
Prelude to Poetry: Lampman and the Rouge et Noir
“The Rouge et Noir prose, however, has not been examined in its entirety in spite of its considerable significance in the creative development of Archibald Lampman. The purpose of this article is to amend that situation by discussing all six of Lampman’s Rouge et Noir essays chronologically, and by pointing to a major issue which the essays reveal: Lampman’s struggle to define the poet’s relationship to his society.”
Contains: Criticism
Author: George Wicken
From: Canadian Poetry vol. 6

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