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Stanislaw Lem (1921 – )

Nationality: Polish Periods: Polish

leading Polish science fiction author; literary critic

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Criticism about Stanislaw Lem

Filling the Void: Verne, Wells, and Lem
“Concerned with the human in relation to the non-human, SF could only emerge in the context of a culture that articulates crucial aspects of its experience in those terms. Moreover, because it represents a secular transformation of religious concerns, SF could only emerge in a context in which the claims of traditional religion were still felt but in which belief was at best problematic.”
Contains: Criticism
Author: Mark Rose
From: Science-Fiction Studies Vol. 8 no. 24; p. 121-142; July 1981
Stanislaw Lem: The Problem of Communication
“Since ideas are about reality, in some way or other, it is natural to ask what Lem’s stories tell us about the world as he sees it, or as he wants us to see it. This can be unfolded into many questions. How does he see reality on a basic level � as knowable or unknowable, as a place where people (even nonhuman people!) can succeed in their efforts, etc.? How do people come to know this reality � through faith or trances or scientific experiments or everyday experiences? How should they live, both as individuals and in society? Since Lem also deals with political themes, we might also ask: Is there an antagonism between people and the society they live in? If there is, is it avoidable or necessary?”
Contains: Criticism
Author: Daniel Ust
From: 1999

Biographical sites about Stanislaw Lem

The Scriptorium: Stanislaw Lem
Biographical overview of Lem. Also links to several other Lem sites. Part of the excellent literary site, The Modern Word.
Contains: Sketch, Commentary, Webliography
Author: Nathan M. Powers

Other sites about Stanislaw Lem

An Interview with Stanislaw Lem
Translated into English.
Contains: Interview,
Author: Wojciech Orlinski
From: Wiadomasci Kulturalne
The Spearhead of Cognition
“Satirical commentary on Stanislaw Lem’s introduction to western science fiction.”
Contains: Commentary
Author: Bruce Sterling
From: Catscan 2
Stanislaw Lem Bibliography
“Stanislaw Lem is a polish science fiction writer known for his satire, humor, and frequently irreverent reflections of society. This page a work in progress.”
Contains: Bibliography
Author: Mike Sofka
VITRIFAX: The writing of Stanislaw Lem
“Here, my primary purpose is to provide highly subjective capsule reviews of nearly all of Lem’s work that has been translated into English.”
Contains: Commentary
Author: Matt McIrvin

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