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Sinclair Lewis (1885 – 1951)

Nationality: AmericanPeriods: American: 20th Century

Awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Arrowsmith but refused it and was the first American to win the Nobel Prize for Literature

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Criticism about Sinclair Lewis

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Biographical sites about Sinclair Lewis

Sinclair Lewis: Definition and Much More From Answers.com
Contains: Full Bio, Works List
From: Answers.com
Sinclair Lewis
“To recount my life for the Nobel Foundation, I would like to present it as possessing some romantic quality, some unique character, like Kipling’s early adventures in India, or Bernard Shaw’s leadership in the criticism of British arts and economics. But my life, aside from such youthful pranks as sailing on cattleships from America to England during university vacations, trying to find work in Panama during the building of the Canal, and serving for two months as janitor of Upton Sinclair’s abortive co-operative colony, Helicon Hall, has been a rather humdrum chronicle of much reading, constant writing, undistinguished travel � la tripper, and several years of comfortable servitude as an editor.”
Contains: Interview
Stories of Sinclair Lewis From the Sauk Centre Herald
This site from the Sauk Centre Herald shows how Sinclair Lewis’ hometown newspaper writes about him.
Contains: Extensive Bio
Time Line of Sinclair Lewis’s Life
“Sinclair Lewis lived from 1885 to 1951. The following is a timeline of significant events in his life.”
Contains: Timeline
Keywords: life, history, biography

Other sites about Sinclair Lewis

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