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by Carson McCullers

Critical sites about The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter

Marxism in Carson McCullers’ “Strangled South”
“The book is a Marxist social critique of the South of the 1930s. McCullers extracts several broad ideas from the writing of Karl Marx and applies them to the unique situation in the southeastern United States. Ihab Hassan, in his article on McCullers, writes that McCullers follows the tradition of Southern novels because her book “is …openly hostile to those popular assumptions the country entertains at large” (Hassan 205) . This is the Marxist idea of what a novel, as a work of art, should do. Hunter portrays oppressed classes of the South, such as blacks and women, describes the “fascist” ideology in which they live, and uses Marxist ideas about religion as a central theme.”
Contains: Content Analysis, Historical Context
Author: Cynthia E. Call

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