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Sites about The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling

by Henry Fielding

Through a set of long cirumstances, Tom Jones flees the manor where he works, meets up with the woman he loves–Sophia, finds out that he is a lost heir, and marries the woman.

Characters: Tom Jones, Jenny Jones, Blifil, Squire Western, Sophia, Bridget, Squire Allworthy
Keywords: mistaken identies, adventures, affairs

Critical sites about The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling

Reader Participation and Rationalism in Fielding’s Tom Jones
“In this paper, I am taking issue with Iser because his reading of Fielding does not seem quite close enough.” Includes links to responses to this paper by other scholars, and the original author’s followup responses.
Author: Lothar Cerny
From: Connotations: A Journal of Critical Debate 2.2 (1992): 137-162
Tom Jones: The Comedy of Knowledge
“Fielding’s creation is one that relies on its readers for — and to some extent involves them in — its realization. As R.S. Crane noted in 1950, “we may be said to have grasped the plot in the full artistic sense only when we have analyzed [our] interplay of desires and expectations sequentially in relation to the incidents by which it is produced.”But Crane himself failed to follow the method he suggested, and thirty-five years later, most accounts of Tom Jones, even those in the reader-response vein, are still synchronic — they make no consistent attempt to follow the stages by which out “superior knowledge” is acquired. Such analyses fail to acknowledge the extent to which the judgments we make as readers implicate us in the same “final Catastrophe” that envelops the characters; the analyses allow us to judge with impunity and without remorse.”
Contains: Historical Context, Content Analysis
Author: Unsworth, John
From: Modern Language Quarterly 48.3 (September 1987)

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