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by Thucydides

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Thucydides Constructs his Speakers: The Case of Diodotus
“In 428 BC Lesbos seceded from the Delian League. Recapturing the island in the summer of 427, the Athenians deliberated on a suitable punishment of the rebels, deciding first to kill all the adult males, then reconsidering. Here I concentrate on the speech of Diodotus. My main goal is to interpret his speech by attending as closely as possible to its language, treating it with the respect we might accord, say, a chorus in Sophocles or Euripides. In the course of developing this interpretation, I will comment on some issues that have resonated through the tradition of Thucydidean scholarship.”
Author: Daniel P. Tompkins
From: Electronic Antiquity Vol. 1 no. 1 June 1993

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