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Sites about Oxherding Tale

by Charles Johnson

“A modern, comic, philosophical slave narrative–a kind of dramatization of the famous `Ten Oxherding Pictures’ of Zen artist Kakuan-Shien”

Characters: Andrew Hawkins, George Hawkins, Anna Polkinghorne
Keywords: slavery

Critical sites about Oxherding Tale

“Nothing was Lost in the Masquerade”: The Protean Performance of Genre and Identity in Charles Johnson’s Oxherding Tal
“Charles Johnson’s novel of African American slavery, ‘Oxherding Tale,’ is examined. Topics include how Johnson uses the strategies of slave narrative.”
Contains: Content Analysis
Author: Sonnet Retman
From: African American Review Fall, 1999

Other (non-critical) sites about Oxherding Tale

Symbols and Ordeals
“‘Oxherding Tale,’ told as a slave narrative, is [a] lively, comic but often confusing story… The characterizations in ‘Oxherding Tale’ are its strongest virtue. The novel’s language, though, is deliberately ornate and tangled. Charles Johnson’s literary and scholarly allusions can be interesting, but more often than not his prose smothers the characters rather than bringing them to life.”
Contains: Review
Author: Eve Ottenberg
From: The New York Times January 9, 1983
Author: Eve Ottenberg
From: The New York Times January 9, 1983

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