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Sites about Paradise Lost

by John Milton

This lengthy poem retells the Christian myth of the “Fall” of Adam and Eve, examining the issue of free will, for both humans and demons.

Characters: God, Lucifer, Adam, Eve, Beelzebub, demons, angels
Keywords: garden of eden, sin, christian mythology

Critical sites about Paradise Lost

Babel and Empire in Paradise Lost
This essay argues that “Paradise Lost uses the Tower of Babel episode in book XII as a critique of the new empires, a critique linking colonial expansion to some of the first acts of tyrannical pride in sacred history.
Contains: Content Analysis, Historical Context
Author: Jack Lynch
From: Presented at “Contextualizing the Renaissance” Center for Medieval and Early Renaissance Studies, Binghamton University, 22 October 1994.
Keywords: imperialism
Protocols of Reading: Milton and Biography
“In Book Ten of Paradise Lost, Adam’s postlapsarian despair is momentarily disrupted by Eve’s attempts to soothe him with ‘soft words’ (10.865). Instead of having their desired effect, Eve’s ministrations provoke some of Adam’s harshest words towards her (and her sex) contained in the entire epic (10.867-908). This passage concludes with a proleptic account of the discord that will result from any attempts at ‘strait conjunction with this sex’.”
Contains: Content Analysis
Author: J. Michael Vinovich
From: Early Modern Literary Studies 1.3 (1995): 3.1-15
Silence as Discourse In Milton’s Paradise Lost
“But it is not those silences that we speak so verbosely about that I wish to discuss here, rather, it those silences within meaning and meaning within silences that lend an importance to the structure of Milton’s poetry that require examination. Within this discussion of the important effect of discourse and silence and silence as discourse, we need to prepare the ground with a few definitions. “
Contains: Content Analysis,
Author: Fran Sendbuehler

Other (non-critical) sites about Paradise Lost

The Classic Text: Traditions and Interpretations: John Milton: Paradise Lost
Part of “The Classic Text: Traditions and Interpretations”, an online exhibit which “examines some of the high spots of the western literary canon. It explores the foundations of their iconographic standing, demonstrating how they arrive at this status through a variety of means, and not always on the basis of their literary worth. The exhibition gives special focus to how printers, publishers, editors, illustrators, and translators have used the icon of the classic text as a venue for their own agendas.”
Author: Christopher Barth, Virginia Haas, Sarah McDanie
From: University of Wisconsin Milwaukee – Special Collections Library
Author: Christopher Barth, Virginia Haas, Sarah McDanie
From: University of Wisconsin Milwaukee – Special Collections Library

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