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Sites about Synners

by Pat Cadigan

“To be a Synner is to join the on-line hardcore, an outlaw band of video hackers, simulation pirates, and reality synthesisers – hot-wired socket-jockeys hooked on artificial reality and virtual space. Now you can change yourself to suit the machines – jack into cyberspace dreamworlds and leave the meat behind. All it costs you is your freedom – and your humanity. But something new is loose in the network, a wildfire virus with a mind of its own that can crash the system and trash your brain. The Synners created it. Now it’s up to them to stop it.”

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Review of Synners and Patterns
Contains: Review
Author: Elizabeth Hand
From: New York Review of Science Fiction Number 31, March 1991
Author: Elizabeth Hand
From: New York Review of Science Fiction Number 31, March 1991

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