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Sites about Utopia

by Sir Thomas More

Critical sites about Utopia

A Bibliography of Thomas More’s Utopia
“This Utopia bibliography is organised topically into two major subdivisions, ten major sections and about sixty subtopics or subsections. The first major division deals with modern Editions and Translations, and the second with background scholarship (Studies in Utopia) published in the last hundred years (from about 1890 onwards), mainly in English and French. There is also a significant body of modern More scholarship in other languages, especially German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese, but it is beyond my current scope to include much of this scholarship in this bibliography.”
Contains: Bibliography
Author: Romuald Ian Lakowski
From: Early Modern Literary Studies 1.2 (1995): 6.1-10
Utopia and the ‘Pacific Rim’: The Cartographical Evidence
“This article examines the influence of Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Geographical accounts (Ptolemy, Macrobius, Sacrobosco and the Cosmographiae introductio) on More’s Utopia, especially with regard to theories about the five climatic zones and the Antipodes. It also draws on contemporary maps to argue that More’s geographical understanding was not modern, and that he thought of the island of Utopia in primarily Antipodean and Asian (‘Indian’), rather than American terms. In support of this a number of major cartographical discrepancies in maps are pointed out: South America is shown as close to Asia, North America does not appear on most maps, the Earth’s Circumference is underestimated by 20-30% and the size of Asia greatly exaggerated, and a number of important geographical features (India, Ceylon, the Malaysian Peninsula and Indonesia) are incorrectly placed well South of the Equator. An appendix discusses More’s knowledge of Macrobius. “
Contains: Historical Context,
Author: Romuald I. Lakowski
From: Early Modern Literary Studies 5.2 (September, 1999):5.1-19

Other (non-critical) sites about Utopia

Summary of Utopia, Book I and Conclusion to Book II
This offers some summaries of material in Utopia.
Contains: Plot Summary
Author: Romuald Ian Lakowski
From: Interactive Early Modern Literary Studies
Author: Romuald Ian Lakowski
From: Interactive Early Modern Literary Studies

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