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Raven Hail (Awo~Go-la-nv), 1921-2005


Raven Hail was born in 1921 in Washington County, Oklahoma. She spent two years at Oklahoma State University and one at Southern Methodist University. Among the diverse accomplishments of Raven Hail are a recording, The Raven Sings, consisting of Native American songs; The Raven and the Redbird, a three-act play about the life of Sam Houston and his Cherokee wife.


Books by Raven Hail:

Hail, Raven . The Cherokee sacred calendar : a handbook of the ancient Native American tradition
Rochester, Vt. : Destiny Books, 2000.
Genre: Nonfiction
ISBN: 0892878042

Hail, Raven . The Magic Word
Marvin, S.D. : Blue Cloud Abbey, 1971.

Hail, Raven . Native American foods : foods the Indians gave us
Mesa, AZ : Raven Hail Books, 1979.
Genre: Nonfiction
Audience: Youth
ISBN: 0961769602

Hail, Raven . The Pleiades stones : a journey into the unknown by way of a magic crystal and the mysterious circle of stones
Mesa, Ariz. : Raven Hail Books, 1988.
ISBN: 0961769645

Hail, Raven . The Raven and the Redbird : Sam Houston and his Cherokee wife
Mesa, Ariz. : Raven Hail Books, 1965.
Genre: Drama
ISBN: 0961769653

Hail, Raven . The raven speaks : Cherokee Indian lore in Cherokee and English
Mesa, Ariz. : R. Hail Books, 1987.
Genre: Folklore
Language: Cherokee and English
Audience: All Ages
ISBN: 0961769637 (pbk.)

Hail, Raven . Ravensong : Cherokee Indian poetry
Mesa, AZ : R. Hail Books, 1995.
Genre: Poetry
Audience: Adult
ISBN: 0961769661 (Book)WOC 09691340 (Audio Cassette)

Hail, Raven . Windsong, Texas Cherokee princess : the adventures of Rebecca Bowles on the Texas frontier
Mesa, Ariz. : Raven Hail Books, 1986.
Genre: Biography
ISBN: 0961769610

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