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Louis Oliver (Little Coon), 1904-1991


Louis Oliver was born in Oklahoma, a Creek Indian and a descendant of the Golden Raccoon Clan. His poetry was both pastoral and idyllic. Oliver was said to be influenced by younger Native American poets.

Awards and Honors

Alexander Posey Literary Award, 1987.


Online resources by or about Louis Oliver:

I Do Not Waste What Is Wild … Louis (Little Coon) Oliver
Author: Maurice Kenny
Type: authorbio
Description: A piece written by Kenny about Oliver, from On Second Thought: A Compilation. (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1995, 258-259.)

URL: http://www.hanksville.org/storytellers/kenny/poems/littlecoon.html

Oklahoma Author: Louis (Little Coon) Oliver
Author: Karen Strom
Type: authorbio
Description: Biographical and bibliographical information about Oliver.

URL: http://hanksville.org/storytellers/older/LittleCoon.html

Books by Louis Oliver:

Oliver, Louis. Caught in a willow net: poems and stories
Greenfield Center, NY : Greenfield Review Press, 1983.
Genre: Poetry
ISBN: 0912678577

Oliver, Louis. Chasers of the sun: Creek Indian thoughts
New York : Greenfield Review Press, 1990.
Genre: Poetry
ISBN: 0912678704

Oliver, Louis. The horned snake
Merrick, N.Y. : Cross-Cultural Communications, 1982.
Genre: Poetry
ISBN: 0893048143

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