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Misha is a mixed-blood Metis-Cree writer and musician who crafts poetry, short stories and novels. She was born in St Paul, Minnesota. She lives on a farm in eastern Oregon where she plays the flute and saxophone, and plows using Norwegian draft horses that she raises herself. Her book Red Spider, White Web won the Readercon Small Press Award in 1991.

Awards and Honors

Readercon Small Press Award,1991.


Online resources by or about Misha:

Biography: Misha
Author: Mark/Space
Type: authorbio
Description: Biography of Misha with a link to a bibliography page.

URL: http://www.euro.net/mark-space/bioMisha.html

Misha Nogha
Author: Badger
Type: authorbio
Description: This site about Misha includes a biograhy, bibliography, and photos.

URL: http://www.eoni.com/~mishamez/misha1.htm

Books by Misha:

Misha. Dr. Ihoka’s Cure
Pelzmantel Publications, 1993.
Genre: Nonfiction
Audience: Adult
ISBN: 1-94682-245-X

Misha. Ke-Qua-Hawk-As
La Grande, OR : Wordcraft of Oregon, 1994 .
Genre: Short Stories
ISBN: 1-877655-13-9

Misha. Prayers of Steel
La Grande, OR : Wordcraft of Oregon, 1988.
Genre: Short Stories

Misha. Red Spider White Web
Lancaster, UK : Morrigan, 1990 .
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 1-870338-85-5

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