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Ella Cara Deloria, 1889-1971



Ella Deloria was born in 1899, on the Yankton Sioux Reservation in South Dakota. She attended Oberlin College before obtaining her B.S. from Columbia University in 1915. She was an anthropologist, linguist, novelist, and a leading authority on Sioux culture and language. She wrote fictional works, and also served as a translator.

Awards and Honors

Indian Achievement Medal, 1943.


Online resources by or about Ella Cara Deloria:

Ella Cara Deloria
Author: Carol Miller
Type: authorbio
Description: This page is part of a series from Voices from the Gaps: Women Writers of Color produced by the Department of English and Programs in American Studies at the University of Minnesota. Included is an indepth biography, selected bibliography and related links.

URL: http://voices.cla.umn.edu/authors/EllaDeloria.html

Ella Cara Deloria
Author: Kathleen Del Monte, Karen Bachman, Catherine Klein, Bridget McCourt
Type: authorbio
Description: Information about Deloria from “Celebrating Women Anthropologists”, a site created by 4 USF anthropology graduates students.

URL: http://www.cas.usf.edu/anthropology/women/deloria/deloria.htm

Kids’ Castle: Ella Cara Deloria
Author: Linda Crotta Brennan
Type: authorbio
Description: The text of this article is excerpted from a March 1997 “Cricket Magazine” article about Deloria.


Speaking of Ella Deloria: Conversations with Joyzelle Gingway Godfrey, 1998-2000, Lower Brule Community College, South Dakota
Author: Susan Gardner
Type: authorbio
Description: An interview from American Indian Quarterly [ 24.3 (2000) 456-475.]

URL: http://muse.jhu.edu/demo/american_indian_quarterly/24.3gardner.html

Books by Ella Cara Deloria:

Deloria, Ella Cara. Buffalo People
Albuquerque : University of New Mexixo Press, 1994.
Genre: Folklore
Language: English and Lakota
ISBN: 08263150620826315070 (pbk.)

Deloria, Ella Cara. Dakota grammar
Sioux Falls, S.D. : Dakota Press, 1979.
Genre: Nonfiction
Language: Dakota and English
Audience: Adult
ISBN: 088249029X

Deloria, Ella Cara. Dakota Texts
New York : G.E. Stechert & co., agents, 1932.
Genre: Folklore

Deloria, Ella Cara. The Dakota Way of Life
Sioux Falls, SD : Mariah Press, 2007.
Genre: Nonfiction
Language: English
Audience: All Ages
ISBN: 1893250121

Deloria, Ella Cara. Deer women and elk men : the Lakota narratives of Ella Deloria
Albuquerque : University of New Mexico Press, 1992.
Genre: Folklore
ISBN: 0826313620

Deloria, Ella Cara. Iron hawk
Albuquerque : University of New Mexico Press, 1993.
Genre: Folklore / Nonfiction
Language: Lakota and English
Audience: Adult
ISBN: 082631435X (hc.) / 0826314473 (pbk.)

Deloria, Ella Cara. Reminiscences of Ella Deloria, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe of South Dakota
Genre: Oral History

Deloria, Ella Cara. Speaking of Indians
Vermillion : Dakota Press, 1979.
Genre: Essays
Audience: Adult
ISBN: 0882490265

Deloria, Ella Cara. Waterlily
Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, 1988.
Genre: Fiction
Audience: Adult
ISBN: 0803247397

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