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Gerard Tsonakwa grew up in the Algonquin region of Canada. For many years he was involved in Native American politics and writing. Tsonakwa has recently changed his focus to storytelling, using the legends of his tribe (Abenaki) others.


Online resources by or about Gerard Tsonakwa:

Echoes of the Night
Author: Soundings of The Planet
Type: authorbio
Description: Information about Tsonakwa and his recording Echoes of the Night. Includes audio samples.

URL: http://www.soundings.com/echoes.htm

Out There-Star Tours- Guy Forecasts Another Celestial Event
Author: Kevin Franklin
Type: authorbio
Description: Information on author Gerard Tsonakwa as well as photograph.

URL: http://desert.net/tw/01-11-96/outthere.htm

Out There-Summer Simmer
Author: Kevin Franklin
Type: authorbio
Description: Short article in Out There that includes biographical information on Gerard Tsonakwa.

URL: http://www.desert.net/tw/09-07-95/outthere.htm

Books by Gerard Tsonakwa:

Tsonakwa, Gerard. The light of dawn from the land of dawn
Tucson, Ariz. : L. L. Publishing, 1994.
Genre: Folklore

Tsonakwa, Gerard. Welcome the caribou man
San Diego : San Diego Museum of Man, 1992.
Genre: Folklore
ISBN: 0937808555

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