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Basil H. Johnston, 1929-


Basil Johnston was born on the Parry Island Indian Reserves in Ontario, Canada, in 1929. He graduated from Loyola College, Montreal, Quebec, cum laude in 1954. Johnston is predominantly concerned with the preservation of his native Ojibway culture. He relates the legends and stories of his tribe with humor and dignity. He is an ethnologist, nonfiction writer, essayist, short story writer, autobiographer, and educator. He is a member of the ethnology department at Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto.


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Books by Basil H. Johnston:

Johnston, Basil H.. The bear-walker and other stories
Toronto : Royal Ontario Museum, 1995.
Genre: Folklore
ISBN: 0888544154

Johnston, Basil H.. Crazy Dave
Toronto : Key Porter Books, 1999.
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 155263051X

Johnston, Basil H.. How the birds got their colours
Toronto : Kids Can Press, 1978.
Genre: Folklore
Language: Ojibwa and English
Audience: Youth
ISBN: 0919964192

Johnston, Basil H.. Indian school days
Toronto : Key Porter Books, 1988.
Genre: Biography
ISBN: 1550130722

Johnston, Basil H.. The Manitous : the spiritual world of the Ojibway
New York : HarperCollins Publishers, 1995.
Genre: Folklore
ISBN: 0060171995

Johnston, Basil H.. Moose meat and wild rice
Toronto : McClelland and Stewart, 1978.
Genre: Fiction
Language: Ojibwa and English
ISBN: 0771044437

Johnston, Basil H.. Ojibway ceremonies
Toronto : McClelland and Stewart, 1987.
Genre: Fiction
Language: Ojibwa and English
ISBN: 0771044453

Johnston, Basil H.. Ojibway heritage
New York : Columbia University Press, 1976.
Genre: Folklore
ISBN: 0231041683

Johnston, Basil H.. The star man and other tales
Toronto : Royal Ontario Museum, 1997.
Genre: Folklore
Audience: Youth
ISBN: 0888544197

Johnston, Basil H.. Tales of the Anishinaubaek
Toronto : Royal Ontario Museum, 1993.
Genre: Folklore

Johnston, Basil H.. Tales the elders told : Ojibway legends
Toronto : Royal Ontario Museum, 1981.
Genre: Folklore
ISBN: 0888542615

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