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Natachee Scott Momaday, 1913-



Natachee Scott Momaday was born in Fairview, Kentucky. Momaday received her B.A. from Crescent College in 1933. Her career includes Civil service teacher at Albuquerque, Shiprock, Chinle, and Navajo Service, Arizona. Her memberships include National League of American Pen Women, United Daughters of the Confederacy, and Daughters of the American Revolution.


Books by Natachee Scott Momaday:

Momaday, Natachee Scott. American Indian authors.
Boston : Houghton, Mifflin Co., 1976.
ISBN: 0395240409

Momaday, Natachee Scott. Owl in the cedar tree
Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, 1992.
Genre: Fiction
Audience: Youth
ISBN: 0803281846

Momaday, Natachee Scott. Woodland Princess, a book of 24 poems.
McHughes Co., 1931.

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