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Carolyn Dunn Anderson (Muskogee/Seminole/Cherokee and French Creole & Cajun) received a BA in Speech Communication from Humboldt State University and an MA in American Indian Studies from UCLA. She is a wife, mother, daughter, journalist, teacher, poet, fiction writer, born in Southern California. Her work has appeared in the anthologies The Color of Resistance (1994), Reinventing the Enemy’s Language (1997), and Through the Eye of the Deer (1999) and Kenneth Lincoln’s Sing With the Heart of A Bear: Fusions of Native and American Poetry. The author of many articles that have appeared in journals in the US, Canada and Germany, she is the co-editor (with Carol Comfort) of Through the Eye of the Deer (1999) and Hozho: Walking in Beauty (with Paula Gunn Allen) and the author of a volume of poetry, Outfoxing Coyote (2001). She has taught at Humboldt State University, Four Winds Indian School in Chico, California, and California Polytechnic State University, Pomona. Currently pursuing a PhD from Saybrook Graduate School in San Francisco, she is a member of the all woman Native drum group the Mankillers, whose cd’s All Woman Northern Drum (1997) and Comin to Getcha! (1999); and the indiginous rock band Red Hawk.

Awards and Honors

Jodi Stutz Award for Poetry, 1994
Wordcraft Circle Writer of the Year, 2002 (for Outfoxing Coyote )


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Books by Carolyn Dunn:

Allen, Paula Gunn; Dunn, Carolyn. Hozho: walking in beauty : short stories by American Indian writers
Los Angeles, CA : Lowell House, 2001.
Genre: Short Stories
ISBN: 0737305851

Dunn, Carolyn. Outfoxing Coyote
That Painted Horse Press, 2000.
Genre: Poetry
ISBN: 1928708080

Dunn, Carolyn. Through the eye of the deer: an anthology of Native American women writers
San Francisco : Aunt Lute Books, 1999.
Genre: Short Stories
ISBN: 1879960583

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