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Kimberly M. Blaeser, 1955-


Kimberly Blaeser was born in Billings, Montana and is of Anishinaabe and German heritage. She grew up on the White Earth Reservation. She obtained both her M.A. and Ph.D from the University of Notre Dame in 1982 and 1990 respectively. She is a reporter/photographer, technical writer, lecturer, instructor and teaching fellow and has been lecturing at the University of Wisconsin since 1990. Her interests include wildlife and nature photography and she undertakes a lot of excursions, which she reports helps to feed her creative writing and compliment her work in Native American Literature.

Awards and Honors

Francis C. Allen Fellowship
Research Award University of Wisconsin Institute on Race & Ethnology, 1992
Research Fellow, Newberry Library
Native Writer’s Circle of the Americas 1993 First Book Award
Wordcraft Circle Storyteller of the Year award (Lecture/Speaking), 1999


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Books by Kimberly M. Blaeser:

Blaeser, Kimberly M.. Gerald Vizenor : writing in the oral tradition
Norman : University of Oklahoma Press, 1996.
Genre: Nonfiction
Audience: Adult
ISBN: 0806128747 (pbk.)

Blaeser, Kimberly M.. Trailing you : poems
Greenfield Center, N.Y. : Greenfield Review Press, 1994.
Genre: Poetry
Audience: Adult
ISBN: 0912678887

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