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David Walks-as-Bear
, 1957-


David Walks-As-Bear also writes a weekly newspaper column, entitled “Bear’s Den”, for the White Lake Beacon newspaper. David tours whenever he has a new novel released but he also visits libraries, schools and Veterans’ events to speak about his writing, military and Native American Indian heritage.


Books by David Walks-as-Bear:

Walks-as-Bear, David. How to Become a Swamp Creature
The Wildland Press, 1996.
ISBN: 0965615103

Walks-as-Bear, David. The L.P.
Publish America, 2004.
ISBN: 1413722342

Walks-as-Bear, David. The Murmurings
1stBooks Library, 2002.
ISBN: 1403325014

Walks-as-Bear, David. Old Money
The Wildland Press, 2006.
ISBN: 9781411681729

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