Peter Pitseolak on Native American Authors

Native American Authors

Peter Pitseolak
, 1902-1973


Peter Pitseolak (November 1902 Ñ September 30, 1973) was an Inuit photographer, artist and historian.

He lived most of his life in traditional Inuit camps near Cape Dorset, on the southwest coast of Baffin Island, now in the Canadian territory of Nunavut. This was a time of great social and technological change among the Inuit, from nomadic life to permanent settlements, from spears to rifles, from dogteams to snowmobiles. Airplanes, electric generators and Western clothing were also changing the human environment. Pitseolak dedicated himself to preserving knowledge of the old ways, by writing, sketching, and especially photography. He documented customs, hunting techniques, stories and myths.


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