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James Welch, 1940-2003


James Welch was born in Browning, Montana, and attended school on the Blackfeet and Ft. Belknap reservations. Welch attended the University of Montana and Northern Montana State University at Havre before earning his B.A. from the University of Montana. He taught at the University of Washington and at Cornell as well as serving on the Parole Board of the Montana Prisons Systems and on the Board of Directors of the Newberry Library D’Arcy McNickle Center. It was at the University of Montana that he found his niche for writing.

Awards and Honors

American Book Award, 1986Lifetime Achievement Award for Literature, Native Writer’s Circle, 1997


Online resources by or about James Welch:

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URL: http://www.azcentral.com/advert/books/welch.html

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Lopez Books – Native American Literature: James Welch’s intro
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Books by James Welch:

Welch, James. The Death of Jim Loney
New York : Harper & Row, 1979.

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Genre: Fiction

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Genre: Fiction
Audience: Adult
ISBN: 0385496745

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New York : W. W. Norton, 1990.
Genre: Fiction
Audience: Adult

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Genre: Nonfiction
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New York : W.W. Norton, 1994.
Genre: Nonfiction
Audience: Adult
ISBN: 039303657X

Welch, James. Riding the Earthboy 40
New York : Harper & Row, 1976.
Genre: Poetry
Audience: Adult

Welch, James. Winter in the Blood
New York : Penguin Books, 1974.
Genre: Fiction
Audience: Adult
ISBN: 0140086447

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