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Billie Jane McIntosh


Grandaughter of Chilly McIntosh, son of legendary Chief William McIntosh, Jr., who had roots in both ancient Scotland and the Creek Wind Clan of the Creek people.

According to David Kane, Billie Jane’s publisher, “As elected Chief of his tribal township, [Chilly McIntosh] made efforts to straddle the divide between both the traditional and progressive factions, while at the same time performing duties as Clerk of the Creek Tribal Council. Finally accepting the inevitable fact that his people were being displaced from their long-established lands, he made every effort to see that they were treated fairly and respectively during their journey west. “


Books by Billie Jane McIntosh:

McIntosh, Billie Jane. From Georgia Tragedy to Oklahoma Frontier, A Biography of Scots Creek Indian Chief Chilly McIntosh
Franklin, TN : American History Imprints, 2008.
Genre: Biography
Language: English
Audience: All Ages
ISBN: 9780975366783

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