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Alexander Lawrence Posey, 1873-1908



Alexander Lawrence Posey was born in the Creek Nation. Posey did not learn to speak English until he was fourteen years of age. He attended the Creek national school at Eufaula and then spent three years at Bacone Indian University. It was at the university that he developed his love of literature. His career included superintendent of the Creek school at Ikmulgee, Eufaula, and Wetumuka; superintendent of public instruction; owner and editor of the Indian Journal at Eufaula; and field worker for the Dawes Commission.


Books by Alexander Lawrence Posey:

Posey, Alexander Lawrence. The Fus Fixico Letters
Lincoln, Nebraska : University of Nebraska Press, 1993.
Genre: Essays
Audience: Adult
ISBN: 0803237049

Posey, Alexander Lawrence. The poems of Alexander Lawrence Posey
Topeka, Kansas : Crane, Printers, 1910.
Audience: Adult

Posey, Alexander Lawrence. Poems of Alexander Lawrence Posey, Creek Indian bard
Muskogee, Okla : Hoffman Printing Co, 1969.
Audience: Adult

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