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Sarah Winnemucca (Thocmetony (Shell flower)), 1844-1891


Sarah Winnemucca was born near the Humboldt River in Nevada and was raised as a traditional Paiute. Winnemucca learned Spanish and English while living in California with her mother. Sarah and her sister attended the Convent of Notre Dame in San Jose for a short time. Winnemucca was very involved in Indian affairs, giving lectures across the country. She was a liasion between the army and the Paiutes in the 1870s. Her career also includes intrepreter and teacher on the Yakima Reservation. She was the first Native woman to publish a personal and tribal history.


Online resources by or about Sarah Winnemucca:

Sarah Winnemucca: [Post]Indian Princess and Voice of the Paiutes
Author: Andrew S. Mcclure
Type: authorbio
Description: A critical examination of Winnemucca and her writings, from the Summer, 1999 issue of MELUS.

URL: http://www.findarticles.com/cf_0/m2278/2_24/59211506/print.jhtml

Tocmetone (Sarah Winnemucca) – Paiute
Author: Powersource
Type: authorbio
Description: Biography of Sarah Winnemucca from the Powersource website. Includes b&w photo.

URL: http://www.powersource.com/gallery/womansp/paiute.html

The Women of the Hall – Sarah Winnemucca
Author: National Women’s Hall of Fame
Type: authorbio
Description: Short biography of Sarah Winnemucca from the National Women’s Hall of Fame web site. Includes photo of Winnemucca.

URL: http://www.greatwomen.org/profs/winnemucca_s.php

Books by Sarah Winnemucca:

Winnemucca, Sarah. Life Among the Piutes: their wrongs and claims
Reno : University of Nevada Press, 1994.
Genre: Autobiography
Audience: Adult
ISBN: 0874172527

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