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Richard Red Hawk

Georges E. Sioui

Clifford E. Trafzer

Bertrand N.O. Walker

Online resources about the Wyandot

Address of Tarhe, Grand Sachem of the Wyandot Nation, July 22,1795
Author: The Wyandot Nation of Kansas
Type: tribal
Description: Includes link to the full text of the Treaty of Greenville.

URL: http://www.sfo.com:80/~denglish/wynaks/wn_tarhe.htm

Ohio History Central: Wyandot Indians
Author: Ohio Historical Society
Type: tribal
Description: A brief description of the tribe’s geography, language and history from the Ohio’s Historic Indians site.

URL: http://www.ohiokids.org/ohc/history/h_indian/tribes/wyandot.html

Tionontati History by Lee Sultzman
Author: Lee Sultzman
Type: tribal
Description: History of the Tionontati people by Lee Sultzman from the First Nations website.

URL: http://www.dickshovel.com/tionontati.html

Wendot/Huron Nation Newsletter
Author: Jiawenh Ishgooda
Type: tribal
Description: This newsletter for the Huron/Wyandot Nation, published by a member of the Wyandot Nation of Kansas, provides current news items of interest to the people. In addition to the newsletter, the site provides a map showing the westward migration and current location of the Wendot Huron people, and links to the websites of Wendot Huron bands.

URL: http://ishgooda.nativeweb.org/huron/wendat.htm

Wyandot Nation of Kansas
Author: The Wyandot Nation of Kansas
Type: tribal
Description: News and information about the Wyandot people of Kansas.

URL: http://www.sfo.com/~denglish/wynaks/

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