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Gertrude Bernard Anahareo

Douglas M. George-Kanentiio

Mary E. F. Mathur

Online resources about the Iroquois

Type: tribal
Description: This page on the tribe is part of a Native North American Cultures online exhibit created by Minnesota State University – Mankato.

URL: http://www.anthro.mankato.msus.edu/cultural/northamerica/iroquois.html

Iroquois Constitution
Author: The University of Oklahoma Law Center
Type: tribal
Description: Online text of the Iroquois Constitution.

URL: http://www.law.ou.edu/iroquois.html

Iroquois History
Author: Lee Sultzman
Type: tribal
Description: History of the Iroquois people from Lee Sultzman’s First Nations website.

URL: http://www.tolatsga.org/iro.html

Iroquois Indian Museum
Author: Iroquois Indian Museum
Type: tribal
Description: From the site: "An educational institution dedicated to fostering understanding of Iroquois culture using Iroquois art as a window to that culture. The Museum is a venue for promoting Iroquois art and artists, and a meeting place for all peoples to celebrate Iroquois culture and diversity. As an anthropological institution, it is informed by research on archaeology, history, and the common creative spirit of modern artists and craftspeople."

URL: http://www.iroquoismuseum.org/

The Iroquois of the Northeast
Author: Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Type: tribal
Description: Part of an online museum exhibit titled “North, South, East, West: American Indians and the Natural World” which “examines the belief systems, philosophies, and practical knowledge that guide Indian peoples’ interactions with the natural world.”

URL: http://www.carnegiemuseums.org/cmnh/exhibits/north-south-east-west/iroquois/index.html

Kahon:wes’s Mohawk & Iroquois Homepage
Author: Kahon:wes
Type: tribal
Description: Mohawk and Iroquois resources, including language resources and a link to the Iroquois Constitution. Page was created using 100% recycled bits.

URL: http://www.kahonwes.com/

Ohio History Central: Iroquois Indians
Author: Ohio Historical Society
Type: tribal
Description: A brief description of the tribe’s geography, language and history from the Ohio’s Historic Indians site.

URL: http://www.ohiokids.org/ohc/history/h_indian/tribes/iroquois.html

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