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Pascua Yaqui

Pascua Yaqui

Felipe Molina

Iz Ramirez

Online resources about the Pascua Yaqui

ITCA: Pascua Yaqui Tribe
Author: Inter Tribal Council of Arizona
Type: tribal
Description: General information about the tribe from the Inter Tribal Council of Arizona web site.

URL: http://www.itcaonline.com/Tribes/pascua.htm

The Pascua Yaqui Connection
Author: University of Arizona Library
Type: tribal
Description: As well as serving as a portal to online Yaqui resources this site offers links to a QuickTime movie of natural healer Dolores Flores, Yaqui recipes, Yaqui maps photographs of Yaqui dancers and musicians, and journal articles about the Yaqui.

URL: http://parentseyes.arizona.edu/pascuayaquiaz/

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