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Gardening is the practice of cultivating plants for aesthetic pleasure or consumption. Whether it’s a vegetable garden, a flowerbed, indoor houseplants, or some combination, successful gardening requires planning, patience, and a little detective work. The following information resources are a guide for both the beginner and master gardener.

Internet Resources

Gardening Calendar (http://www.urbanext.uiuc.edu/gardencal/)
This site helps to plan for the entire gardening season. Includes tips and techniques for various garden types, ranging from planning vegetable gardend to butterfly garden.

Garden Guides (http://www.gardenguides.com/)
“A growing resource for gardeners.” Topics include herb gardens, vegetable gardens, flower gardens, rock gardens, compost, succession planting, and container gardening.

Garden Web (http://www.gardenweb.com/)
Gardening tips, glossary of plant terms, discussion forums in six languages about a large variety of gardening topics. Gardening association and vendors of equipment and supplies.

Green Landscaping with Native Plants (http://www.epa.gov/greenacres/)
This site provides information on native wildflowers and grasses that work to improve the ecosystem. The resource includes information on forest, prairie, and wetlands. Also, a “slide” show of native plant species such as Turk’s cap lily and Sullivant’s Milkweed.

The Lazy Gardener (http://www.highlinegarden.org/lazy.html)
How to enjoy the benefits of gardening with less hassle. Tips on planting, weeding, pruning, and other gardening concerns for the low maintenance gardener.

Organic Gardening (http://www.organicgardening.com/)
Organic gardening tips and solutions, monthly advice, national events listings, links to other organic commercial sites and organizations, and book recommendations.


American Horticulture Society (http://www.ahs.org/)
AHS’s mission “is to educate and inspire people of all ages to become successful and environmentally responsible gardeners by advancing the art and science of horticulture. AHS is known for its educational programs and the dissemination of horticultural information.”

National Garden Association (http://www.garden.org/)
The National Gardening Association has been “helping gardeners and helping people through gardening” since 1972. Includes on-line courses, kids gardening section, National Gardening magazine, and industry research.

Discussion Groups and Expert Advice

Join discussions with other gardening enthusiasts, or post your gardening question to an expert at these sites:

GardenTalk! (http://www.bhg.com/bhg/category.jhtml?catref=cat240013)
Better Homes and Gardens sponsors four discussion forums including a help line.

GardenWeb Forums (http://www.gardenweb.com/forums/)
Comprehensive list of discussion forums on all types of gardening. Includes regions throughout the world.

National Garden Association Search the Q&A Library (http://www.garden.org/qanda/)
Includes a searchable library of previously asked questions.

Online Publications

Consumer Home and Garden (http://www.consumer.org.nz/)
Consumer Home &Garden is the only magazine of its kind to publish independent test reports. You get brand-name ratings and recommendations, along with inspiration and advice on a whole range of gardening and home improvement projects.”

Fine Gardening (http://www.taunton.com/fg/)
Fine Gardening is “filled with beautiful gardens, all kinds of projects for gardeners, landscaping ideas, and lots of information about great plants.”

Horticulture (http://www.hortmag.com/)
“Browse through the current issue of horticulture where we highlight selected departments and features and provide supplemental content available only on online — or read about our noteworthy staff past articles, learn history, and search indexes by years.” The Virtual Gardener (http://www.gardenmag.com/index.html)
This “Online Magazine with Organic Roots” contains feature stories on gardening, tips &tales, vegetable gardening stories, plant profiles and a message board.

Print Resources

At your local library, you can find books on gardening under the Dewey Decimal Call Number: 635

Allergy-Free Gardening: A Revolutionary Approach to Landscape Planning
Thomas Leo Ogren
ISBN: 1580081665
Publication Date: March 2000
– “Set up in encyclopedia form, thousands of common and not so common garden and landscape plants are alphabetically listed, discussed, and individually allergy-ranked on a scale of 1-10 Allergy-Free Gardening has zone maps for both the United States and Europe and all plants are ranked for winter hardiness.” (Source: Gardenweb)

America’s Garden Book
Louise Busch-Brown and James Bush-Brown
ISBN: 0028609956
Publication Date: December 1996 (revised edition)
– “A fully revised and updated garden classic packed with color photography to answer the gardener’s every question. In print since 1939, America’s Garden Book, is both a proven seller and a favorite for nearly three generations of gardeners. Now, with more than 1,000 color photographs and more than 3,000 plant recommendations, it will be the one-stop book for all gardening questions.” (source: GardenNet)

Burpee Complete Gardener
Maureen Heffernan
ISBN: 0028603788
Publication Date: December 1995
– “A guide to planning a garden that will thrive with a minimum of care. Complete information on preparing great garden soil; starting plants from seeds; planting nursery stock, including potted perennials and bare-root plants; fertilizing; watering; staking; controlling pests and diseases. An in-depth guide to the best garden tools.” (source: GardenNet)

Garden Primer
Barbara Damrosh
ISBN: 0894803166
Publication Date: November 1988
– “A cornucopia of garden information, technique, advice and opinion complete with totally up-to-date source lists on gardening gear and supplies, seed and plant catalogs, gardening societies and other resources. Illustrated.” (source: Amazon.com). One Amazon customer referred to this book as “the Joy of Cooking for the Garden”.

Starting From Seed: The Natural Gardener’s Guide to Propagating Plants
Karan Davis Cutler (Editor) with Janet Marinelli (Editor)
ISBN: 1889538094
Publication Date: December 1998
– “Whether you are a beginner or master gardener, growing plants from seed is often a challenge. Garden expert Linda D. Harris shows you the easy, affordable, and self-sufficient way to finally have what you’ve always wanted, whether it is a full vegetable garden, new flowers, or a few herbs from your kitchen garden.” (source: GardenNet)

Other Book Reviews

Recommendations from garden enthusiasts are available on this GardenWeb discussion thread. (http://www.gardenweb.com/forums/)

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