1984 By George Orwell: Summary

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** Due at the beginning of class, typed ** Title: 1984 Author: George Orwell Main Characters (Protagonist/Antagonist), Title, & Traits: • Winston Smith: 39 year old man who is very intelligent, he has a rebellious side and thinks outside the box. He begins to question authority, which ends up being his biggest mistake. • Julia: Winston’s lover, together they explore their sexuality for the first time. She is rebellious but has different ideology than Winston and a different purpose for going against the Party. • O’brien: Very powerful man who makes it seem as though he is against the Party, while in reality he is trying to find and diminish revolutionaries like Julia and Winston. • Big Brother: Mysterious leader; many question whether or not he is actually alive or simply a figure for which people can follow and trust to lead them. Setting: Oceania in 1984 …show more content…

After a long and terrible war the country of Oceania arose from the ashes. The strict totalitarian government, led by Big Brother, attempted to abolish free thought and control almost every aspect of its citizen’s lives. Everywhere in Oceania there are signs that glorify Big Brother and say “BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU” .The government placed “Telescreens” in all of its people’s homes in order to monitor their every move. Soon, a free thinking Winston Smiths begins to question his superiors and has thoughts of revolution. He also becomes sexually attracted to a girl name Julia, who is like Winston: she thinks freely. They begin to conspire together and get caught by a powerful man named O’brien, who pretends to be on their side. Later in the novel we figure out that O’brien is working for big brother. After torturing Julia and Winston to near death, they are killed. Winston, after a life of hating Big Brother and his fascist ways, uses “I love Big Brother” as his dying

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