How Does Winston Turn Into The Brotherhood In 1984

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In the book 1984, written by George Orwell there is a man named Winston Smith. In this book Winston is constantly being watched by what they know as big brother. Big brother would watch them through their telescreens. There was nothing he could say or do without big brother knowing. There was laws against people who wanted to rebel. even thinking of rebelling was illegal. The party also referred to as big brother purpose was to make the place they lived under their control. Winston job was helping them in their quest for power. He would alter their history to the liking of the party. They would change up who their allies were and the enemies. Through the book you learn more about how the party keeps watch on the people, what they do to them, and how they speak to them. How Winston wants to join the brotherhood and how hes eventually caught and killed.
Winston is the main character of the book. He worked in the Ministry of Truth, where he changed history for the party. One day he sees a girl watching him as he works. At this point Winston has committed hate crimes. Which is he though things that were illegal. He gets scared thats shes working with the party. Her name is Julia. Julia also works were …show more content…

It was kinda hard because you had to make sure you didnt say anything that offended the party. With that he hasn't really talk to much girls and the whole time they are having this affair he keeps saying they will be caught. Winston emotions change a lot over the period of time they had the affair. he started off as a normal person who started to disagree with what the party was doing, but as he was around Julia more and more he started to hate the party more and more. He went from just disagreeing with them to going against them and breaking their laws to try to bring them down. He tries to join the brotherhood. It all ends when Winston and Julia are caught and it ended with Winston

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