George Rogers 9/11 Satire

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On what was expected to be another day for every American became a burning memory in both Americans and America’s history. September 11, 2001 was the day where fear shook America into recklessly declaring war on terror against Iraq. At 8:46 am, the North Tower of the World Trade Center is interrupted by the American Airline Flight 11 by Mohammed Atta and the hijackers (History); seventeen long minutes later, the South Tower of the World Trade Center is also interrupted by the United Airlines Flight 175 by the other hijackers (History). In order to fight for the endangerment of America’s freedom was being attacked, President George Bush and the Bush Administration contrustred an aggressive invasion in the Middle East. In response to this, George …show more content…

Rogers fears assumed that Adams was out for Rogers and his family thus resulting in Rogers almost dying but escaping as he knew where his freedom is. For President Bush (as well as the Americans), the fear of terror and the attack of their freedom shook their worlds into the reckless invasion in the Middle East resulting in an eight year long war. The satirical aspect Saunders uses to portray the simplified version of the beginning of 9/11 in “Adams” further emphasize that one sided information acts like propaganda in that the other side of the story is always hidden. The amount of ridicule by Rogers is a reflection to the amount of thought and strategy made by President Bush and the U.S. government that were aggressive and reckless. Saunders uses “Adams” to draw attention to all that history can be prevented to repeating itself; the invasion in the Middle East was made through rash and fear, a lesson to be learned by all Americans and to the posterity of America that actions do affect the

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