A Lesson Before Dying Sacrifice Essay

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The theme of sacrifice in “A lesson before dying”

By: Brandon Leung

“A Lesson Before Dying” by Ernest J. Gaines is a thought provoking and enthralling book that informs the readers about injustice and discrimintaion that is going on in our modern society and to empower and take big steps before we go. Here’s why Jesus’ sacrifice is exactly like Jefferson’s. “A Lesson Before Dying” starts with Grant Wiggins (the main character) describing his story of what he heard about the court from his aunt and Jefferson's grandma, Nannan. Grant is requested to help turn Jefferson into a man after being called a hog. Understandably, Grant doesn’t want to help, but under the peer pressure of his aunt, she persuades him to help.

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Just like Jesus’ crucifixion, Jefferson also makes a point before he is crucified. For example, Jesus creates a strong reason for always empowering during the darkest times. Like Jesus, Jefferson creates empowerment when he walks to the chair and says “Tell Nannan I walked” (Nannan is his grandmother) and he walks straight and strong. Even the jail guard that was friends with Jefferson tells Grant “He was the strongest man in that room, Grant Wiggins. But we all had each other to lean on”, which shows his true bravery. Jesus sacrifices himself to empower his people and to create a clean, pure, space while Jefferson walks to the chair to create a confident, empowered, …show more content…

Like, Jefferson, Jesus takes the initiave when he is doomed, by healing the roman commanders ear that had been cut off by Peter. Like Jesus, Jefferson could have awaited his death and done nothing, but instead he decided to comply with Grant and empower his people: This was written in his personal journal: “I been shakin and shakin but im gon’ stay strong.” (P. 233) Although Jesus had a large ego that he wanted to represent and keep, Jefferson had no ego but he still empowered his people. Jefferson had to suffer and wait throughout his entire execution like when Jesus had to bring his cross to his crucifixion and get beat by the roman soldiers on the way

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