A Mother's Day Kiss Off Analysis

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In the articles “A Mother’s Day Kiss-Off” and “The Myth Of Co-Parenting” they express their issues with husbands. Even though they both express their troubles, Bennetts issue is that she belives husbands under appreciate their wives, while Edelman feels as if her husband is not there enough to appreciate her. Both authors feel as they do not receive enough appreciation and think that they should get more. Bennetts states “We accommodate our husbands’ careers at the expense of our own interests…”(43). What she is saying is that women feel as if they have to give up things they're interested in to make their husbands happy, making them feel not as important. She also explains an encounter she had with a mother who had to give up her career for her husbands. The mother said “‘My husband understood my stress level, but his answer was, ‘Then you leave for work.’ It was my problem’”(42). The husband pushes his wives …show more content…

In “A Mother’s Day Kiss-Off” Bennetts tells of all her stories of how poorly women are treated, feeling like society should treat them the same as men. She explains “Mother’s Day would be an even happier occasion if it didn’t leave so many women feeling that their most important concerns had been kissed off by a greeting card” (44). In “The Myth Of Co-Parenting,” Edelman states “It began to make me spitting mad, the way the daily duties of parenting and home ownership started to rest entirely on me” (53). Edelman is expressing her anger that her husband started to not care anymore, while Bennetts is angry that people push mother’s troubles aside with a piece of paper. Edelman also shows in her article that she is angry by telling that she took her husband's credit card on day for revenge. She proceeds “Fuck it“ (55). She had been so fed up with her husband’s absence that she went without his knowledge. Both of these women use angry tones to persuade the reader to their

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