A & P By John Updike Character Analysis Essay

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The short story, " A & P", by John Updike takes place in a grocery store where Sammy, the main character, struggles with moral principles and the lack of freedom. He becomes astonished by three teenage girls who comes into the store. Queenie, the leader of the three girls, arouses Sammy's desire from the moment he sees her; in which he’s never seen girls physically express themselves in such a way. However, Lengel, the store manager, vigorously disapproves of the three girls attire; and makes it very uncomfortable for him and responds in a mean manner. Being disoriented in his fascination with the three girls; Sammy's desire has contributed to the decision of quitting his job. The use of characterization in "A&P" is shown both direct and indirect and is expressed differently between Sammy, Queenie, and Lengel. …show more content…

He notices everything around him and focuses closely on the details of the girls' physical appearance. He concentrates on the capability of going beyond the exterior details to fully insight the people he observes in the store. Sammy states, "the first one to catch his eye was wearing a plaid green two-piece, chunky, had a good tan, and a soft-looking can "(Updike 746). Being such an attentive character Sammy even notices that Queenie's dangling bra straps establish somewhat of an intense sensual environment for him. Additionally, Sammy's display of immaturity and prejudice behavior is shown through his observations and descriptions of the two chunky girls following Queenie. Sammy states, "the sheep were pushing their cart down the aisle and walking against traffic" (Updike 748). Consequently, Sammy's desire for Queenie contributes to his purpose of quitting his job so the girls will notice him more but, more importantly, the opportunities he will receive beyond a new

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