A Piece Of Evidence Why Junior Begins To Evolve

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1. Choose a word or trait to characterize Junior at the beginning of the excerpt. Use a piece of evidence to demonstrate how Alexie SHOWS us this versus telling us.
At the beginning of the story Junior was very afraid. There were a couple different things the author said to show this, but there was a line that stood out to me. “Maybe I could just drop out of school completely. I could go live in the woods like a hermit.” Junior was so afraid of going to school and of the people that he was just wanted to run away from it all and live by himself.
2. What do you believe is the first instance Junior begins to evolve? Why?
The line that I believe Junior changed was, “ I hated them. And I knew I had to do something big. I couldn’t let them get away with that shit. I wasn’t just defending myself. I was defending Indians, black people, and buffalo.” I believe he changed here because that fear he had turned into anger. I think you could also call him almost brave for standing up for himself like this. He decided to stop taking the crap people were throwing at him. …show more content…

What is the tipping point for Junior, and what do we call this point in literary terms? How is Junior transformed by this event? I think the tipping point or climax was when the Roger and his friends walked over to Junior and made that racist joke. Junior had sad, “I felt like Roger had kicked me in the face.” I think that was the line that showed the climax. Junior was going to do something and he did. Junior was transformed because he quit being scared. He also was quite surprised with how Roger

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